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Contents Insurance:

If you are a Tenant renting a property from a landlord and require a low level contents insurance policy then you may have experienced difficulty in obtaining satisfactory cover which safeguards your valuables and personal belongings. The Tenants contents Insurance policy will cover you against a full range of perils and can also be extended to provide cover for your personal possessions while away from the home. In addition to this our policy can also cover you for the contents you are legally liable for, such as your landlord's household goods left in the home for your sole use. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised at how wide the Tenants contents cover is. Our premiums are very competitive and allow you to choose a sum insured that represents the actual replacement cost of your belongings and not a minimum sum that other insurers insist upon, therefore saving you money on cover you do not need. You can choose to request a sum insured from as little as 2,500 or as high as 30,000, although we would strongly recommend that if you require cover above 15,000 that you obtain a standard home insurance quote as this is normally the entry level for most home insurance's and you may save even more money this way. The Tenants annual premiums start from as little as 51.26, which is including insurance premium tax. You will have the option to pay by monthly direct debit if you wish or in full using a debit or credit card we do make a small charge of 1.70% to cover the cost of credit card payments. If you are looking for Tenants Contents policy designed with you in mind then get a Quote today!

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