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Debt Recovery

Through our partnership with evicting tenants UK we can arrange for collection of unpaid rent and other outstanding monies payable by tenants both past and current.

Our in-house streamlined system means we can act quickly in recovering your debt. This will show your debtor that you are not prepared to sit back and accept non-payment and that you will take the required legal steps to ensure the debt is repaid. We have specialists operating in this field of debt recovery, which includes all aspects of Debt Collection up to and including High Court Enforcement. The vast experience of our in-house debt recovery team and our licensed and certified bailiffs is key to ensuring a fast and positive outcome to your current rent debt situation.

Letter before Action 35 Our LBA service lets the debtor know how serious the issue is and that you have instructed professionals to deal with it. More than 50% of debtors pay at this stage of external intervention.

The County Court Judgement: 195 Our small claims service is available when the debt is below 10,000. We will draft and prepare the court claim forms; we will then issue it to the court and ensure notices of claim are served on the debtor. The cost of this claim can be added to the debt claimed.

An Attachment of Earnings order: 275 When the debtor is employed we can apply to the courts for an attachment of earnings order. These are very helpful when the debtor has refused to repay their debt as the debt can be taken directly from the debtor's wages. The costs of this claim can be added to the debt claimed.

Bailiff's Warrant of Execution: 195 We apply to the courts and arrange for the county court bailiffs to go to the debtors address and seize their goods. The fixed fee includes file preparation, court costs and bailiff fees. The cost of all of these claims can be added to the debt claimed. For Further Details please click here to register your interest and one of the team will call you back.

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