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Rent guarantee insurance

Evicting Tenants has a comprehensive value rent guarantee cover which takes care of your non-paying tenants. Our cover spreads over 6-12 month rent guarantee, which we also believe will give you the tranquility you desire to have. Trust us today to deliver quality to you.

There are several reasons that can push a tenant to default rent payment. Economic instability, unemployment concerns, huge energy bills accidents, illness etc. are probable reasons to rent defaulting by tenants. Even more worrying is the fact that even with the perfect checks and references are not capable of making an accurate prediction on whether a client will default payment. Our rent guarantee insurance cover is one of the best rent cushions.

Most landlords who suffer loss of incomes from rent defaulting by tenants do not have a comprehensive rent guarantee insurance cover like the evicting tenant rent guarantee insurance cover. It’s therefore important for landlords to get such covers to avoid the hassle in fighting to recover the lost income as a result of rent defaulting. Our rent guarantee cover ensures you get all your 100% rent income without struggle. Contact us today for our worthy cover!!!

Key facts:-

  •  No Extra Costs to Pay
  • Unrestricted Period of Rent Arrears paid
  • All tenant categories accepted
  • Cover even as property is being repaired
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