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Below is a list of the services that we offer.

Tenant Evictions

Tenants may unfairly portray or decorate you as a bad landlord but if you let us work with them on your behalf, this will no longer happen, and neither will you encounter exchanges with your tenants over unpaid rents. If you are one of those faced with this question or having trouble dealing with bad tenants and need help, Evicting Tenants, UK can do just that.

Debt Recovery

We have specialists operating in this field of debt recovery, which includes all aspects of Debt Collection up to and including High Court Enforcement.

Property Inventory

In today’s letting market it is necessary for Landlords to protect themselves against damage to the fixtures and fittings of their property. Since the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme it is not enough to just take a damages deposit from the Tenant. It needs to be shown that any damage or damages have actually happened during the tenancy. Think of the expenses included with both the acquisition and maintenance of a home, plus the time and expenditure spent on the presentation, an individual expert Inventory Report is an essential tool in successful home management..

Utilities Club

We can offer you a one stop service which is specialized for gas, electricity, home phone, mobile and internet all from a UK Based FTSE registered company on one bill at the cheapest price.

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