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Tenant Evictions

Tenant Evictions can be a very tiresome process and for most landlords, this process is always very stressful. Tenants may unfairly portray or decorate you as a bad landlord but if you let us work with them on your behalf, this will no longer happen, and neither will you encounter exchanges with your tenants over unpaid rents. Not only is your investment under threat, but the stress and the uncertainty as to what to do next may well feel agonizing. The question you may be asking yourself is quite simply “How do I evict my tenant?” If you are one of those faced with this question or having trouble dealing with bad tenants and need help, Evicting Tenants, UK can do just that. Dealing with bad tenants can be hard work and extremely costly. Doing it yourself could lead to mistakes and cost thousands in the long run. Let the specialists take care of it.

Letter Before Action 35

Our pre court action letter will show your tenants how serious the situation is, should it be about rent arrears, damage to property, complaints from neighbors, or other breaches of their agreement. In the event the tenants do not respond as you would hope and the tenancy is to be ended you will have to commence legal proceedings.

Step 1 50 each

We will prepare and serve a Section 8 & 21 Notice, based upon the information supplied by the client.
Section 21 Notice This is the most commonly used Possession Notice. A landlord does not need to specify any reasons or alleged breaches of the tenancy in order to regain possession of the property. We will work out the earliest dates for you from the information you provide.
Section 8 NoticeThis Possession Notice is usually used where alleged breaches of the tenancy are relied upon for possession. The most common breaches are rent arrears, nuisance or damage to the property.
Service of Notice 100 plus vat Our legal team strongly recommends that all notices are personally served. London Repossession Services will arrange the personal service of the section 8 and 21 notices at the premises by a professional “Process Server”. We can provide the same service for other documents such as Statutory Demands. A sworn affidavit of service will be provided in every instance.

Step 2 from 450

Over 80% of tenants leave after step 1. If the tenant(s) do not leave the property, London Repossessions can have the Court Papers prepared ready for a possession hearing in the County Court. Usually, matters are dealt with at the first hearing and London Repossessions will arrange representation by a specialist Barrister as required.

Step 3 200

If your problem tenant has not left your property by the date set by the Judge, we will instruct bailiffs to physically remove them from your property. All prices include court fees where applicable.
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